The DDoS attacked is faster that you have no time to save your database. There is some gesture that you have to make to skirt the problem. But first of all, you better choose your host server company.

The solution is to adopt KoDDoS host

There are many host servers in the same position of KoDDoS, but he is the one that have a logical plan against DDoS attacked. As his acronym, DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service; that is a maleficent strategy to stuff your traffic bandwidth, until your server will be crazy and died. Yes, it’s scared, that’s why you have to protect you server as soon as it’s possible. KoDDoS is a host offshore server that give you different options to protect your server. By choosing this qualify hosting, you have also a control to your server too. You can do an upgrade that is conform to your website. You can easily choose every application that you need with a free license. There is no fake, because every movement has his destination. To get stronger that your hacker, you have to be armed. You have the best position server based in a secured place. You have to be informed about DDoS protection solution and the plan to get its away.

A simple gesture of administrator website

When you choose the better host, you have the possibility to access into your website. You have to change your point of view and limit the wrong plugins that disable to your website. Use another application that Facebook or skype to communicate with your client. You can put your client in his level and give us a possibility to have his own website. You manage everything and they grew up as it’s to be. If you use WordPress or another tools manager, don’t use your real name, but a code identity and a strong password also. Upgrade your website when it is necessity. Chose a serious antivirus as Kaspersky for example, and just back up your data to be safe regularity.

As the best guardian, KoDDoS positions before your server and after the clients with his attack material. This is the best position to protect your server.