To build automation tools with PHP there is a software development technique that calls for writing unit tests before writing the source code of software.

Interest of the tests

These tests indicate the specifications of the code, and therefore its subsequent behavior in different situations to which it is exposed. This facilitates the production of a valid code in all circumstances. The result is a fairer and more reliable code.

By writing tests first, the program is used even before it exists. This ensures that the product code is testable unitary. It is therefore imperative to have a clear vision of how we will use the program before considering its implementation. This often eliminates design errors due to precipitation in the implementation before having defined the objectives.

Also, having the tests increases the confidence of the programmer during the rework of the code he knows that at some point the tests were successful. He can afford designer radical changes being sure, in the end, to have a program always behaving in the same way (if the tests are always successful).

Using TDD allows the joint construction program and a suite of regression tests.

For each feature to achieve, one of the developers named co-pilot, the test code. Then, the pilot code functionality itself. Each added feature, all test-code thus produced will be executed again, thereby minimizing the risk of regression.

In order to implement this technique, it will be imposed on users, from the functional specification, formalize how they will test in the recipe. In the case of an incremental development, responsible for the application to prohibit dynamic accept in the increment to achieve functionality that test cases have not been previously documented.

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