The Magento solution is for companies and individuals who want an online shop that they can update regularly. It is a flexible and functional solution that can manage large product catalogs.


The rich functionality of Magento is its first asset, if your budget is limited then you're going to make the most of spending time to discover Magento or ridges formed on its use, no one can really perceive the breadth of functionality after a brief overview of the solution.
This is the technical complexity of Magento that offers it its modularity. A Magento store will easily receive a later module developed to fill an important need but not necessarily required to start. Do not forget to explore the extensions already available on MagentoCommerce, you will perhaps find what you need there.


It is entirely possible to simply a visual change of the default structure or buy a template on MagentoCommerce and modify it to their needs.
For this part you may need to hire a designer, but you can also do it yourself if you have the resources. A lot of e-merchants started by getting involved. With multi-design management of Magento, you can always change everything overnight, and if the visual aspect is important you can do very well with a nice default theme.

Web hosting

A Magento hosting is far from overpriced long as you operate the site optimization features like cache, flatcatalog or compilation. It is best to avoid 100% shared server. Know that there are mixed hostings that can completely meet your needs for much lower cost than buying a dedicated server.

Your site will be a part of the capital of your company. Its value will depends of course on its attendance, its SEO and incomes generated. But also to its ability to change and inherent used technology. Making the choice of Magento is positioned on a safe bet for the next 10 years.

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