The web application development has seen great excitement in recent years. This fact is easily explained by the boom in the web world. The latter is a currently unavoidable because almost everyone is connected. Information, products and services are exchanged in length of time without interruption on the web. It is a boon especially for commercial enterprises. Of course, to interact with this world, it will be important to create websites, but not only. The created web sites will be well mounted and especially effective thereafter. therefore the use of effective tool is required to reach this goal.

A busy tool

The most used tool to develop websites currently is ruby ​​on rails or ror. The ruby ​​on rails developer use this tool so that is a framework using the ruby ​​object oriented language and very powerful. It is a practical tool offering a fast development website with flawless results. To achieve this high performance development, ror is based on two fundamental principles. The first being the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself, which aims to bring together the elements in one place. It's MVC architecture and metaprogramming ruby ​​that will this result. The second principle is the Convention over Configuration propose that default behaviors. This will avoid any action detailing where specific agreements will be the basis of work.

To provide professionals

To get to have perfect results, ror will provide benefits that all developers can use very easily. Among the list of advantages there is the project structure since ror structure the project for better organization. This structure and the content of the database will also change with the migration ror. With an effective ORM what Active Record, the database can easily be manipulated. From there, the scaffolding will make CRUD or Creat, Read, Update, Delete. Of course, with the use of ror, security will be waiting for you as well as testing and caches.