The websites called PHP forums offer many services: tutorials, informations about the aperitifs PHP, sometimes training, and of course several forums on PHP, the PHP frameworks (Symphony, Zend ...), MySQL discuss current PHP and related technologies. As php developers, it is important to regularly check the forums, because they are places of exchanges and you can also find there little tricks of development, friendly scripts and personal productions of other PHP developers. Not to mention the jobs! In short, forums are that even a gold mine to continue learning.

Do not believe that you have nothing more to learn

A developer has never finished learning (actually this maxim must be valid for everyone, but perhaps even more for a developer). A developer should never say that here there is, he knows everything there is to know about programming and project management, he became a God, and that now he can do the impossible. This is the best way for that next job interview, it puts you face the abysmal ignorance of your knowledge. In short, there is always something to learn who will be asked at one time or another. And it is this thing that can make the difference between you and another developer lambda.

Learn about good practices

A developer should not overlook good practices: the standards are set not only to guarantee a level of quality, but also to ensure the sustainability of the final product. This is vital for a developer to adopt career and cultivate good practice. On the forums, there are also developers who exchange good practices. Do not forget that the product, whlch it is, will change inevitably. So as developers, check the forums.

Remain open to other languages

Do not be tight to the heterogeneity and the evolution of technology: in programming, all languages ​​do not offer the same advantages and the same opportunities. More, these languages ​​are also updated regularly to align with the user requirements and security needs. It may therefore seem suicidal for a developer career, not to be open to new developments.