At the moment, there are several WordPress plugins (about 43,000). Among them, more than a hundred is relative to real estate. Despite this, it is often difficult to find one that is perfectly suited for his personal use. Fortunately, there are solutions that can be invented to solve this problem.

The latest wordpress extensions to know

Wordpress keeps developing its extensions to optimize its use. Here is a small summary of the plugins that we need to know lately. For more information, check here.
- Debug Bar: it allows access to various information.
- Log Deprecated Notices: lists all functions that are considered obsolete in wordpress.
- Monster widget: it optimizes the time saving during the design.
- Regenerate thumbnails: which regenerates thumbnails of images.
- Simply Show IDs: adds a column in the lists displaying the ID for each entry.
- Theme Check: it analyzes and compares code against coding standards and good wordpress based development practices.
- RTL Tester: it adds a button in the management bar to facilitate the change between RTL and Normal modes.
- Query Monitor: It also adds a menu in the management bar. This allows you to see all the data concerning searches that move by wordpress.
- User Switching: it allows to change user without making a disconnection.
Many other extensions are also available depending on your needs. This list is not exhaustive.

Why develop your own plugin?

As already said, it is often difficult to match the functionality of extensions that already exist with those that might be needed. By having your own plugin, you can order them according to your needs. It is better then to develop its own extension to better satisfy its requirements. This is not an easy process, but it allows us to have a personal, available and well known tool. Check here for more information regarding especially the wordpress extensions used in the world of real estate. You can also find information about their usefulness, how they work, etc.