A php developer has programming skills. He is responsible for translating client requests into the computer language to perform all the required functions. Thus, under the responsibility of a project manager, the PHP developer uses the computer code and its technical skills to boost business sites. PHP's developer can work in a web agency as much as in a company that has a web service. He usually develops under the responsibility of a project manager within a team. The web developer can also work independently with a large portfolio of clients.

How to post a project on simplyPHP and find the right developer?

You can post the project for which you need one or more experts for free on this site. Specialists in computer development will then offer quotes that you can compare. The different steps to be taken are from the description of the project to its realization. Create a new description of the project. To do this, give as much information as possible: specify the required programming language, the extent of the computer development to be carried out, its type, the region in which your php developers must be located and the deadlines in which he must carry out his mission. In the days that follow (and often faster), you will be contacted by available developers, who will give you their prices and other information in the form of a quote.

Verify and pay for your project

The expert you selected will now start developing your project. We recommend that you set intermediate steps before the final rendering of the project. Your service provider must reach these steps at specific times all over the project. This will help ensure that your project is accomplished on time and identify any difficulties early enough to be overcome. When your provider returns his job, check that the result matches your expectations. If so, you'll still have to pay the developer for the work done.