Ruby on Rails is one of the most used by startups to create their websites tools. This effervescence is fully explained by the many benefits of the technology to a development that is fast with a unique quality. Of course, these benefits come with a philosophy that will own the technology. Understanding this philosophy will allow a clear view and well adopt ruby ​​on rails later.

Ruby on Rails: A philosophy

You should know that the framework like Ruby on Rails that have succeeded have merged so. All good strengths of previous framework adopted by the following framework thus making the rank of copy. Yet, ruby on rails developers have made sure that the latter is more specific yet very powerful. Above all, what this framework Ruby on Rails or ror focuses on configuring convention and uses the principle of "Do not repeat yourself". Concerning Convention configuration will allow developers to specify unconventional aspects of the application in order to understand it better. As for the "do not repeat yourself", ror users can easily process information that is already in one place. This will allow good control at all levels.

The advantages of Ruby on Rails

This philosophy will provide a better understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework to better use its advantages. These benefits will issue a further development, functional and fast at the site to create. The result will inevitably sites with high interactivity and rich in features. The development work will be minimal with RoR as convenience at the user level will be maximized. You can even claim a website development without writing a single line of code. Productivity will trump even the most convincing face using ror. We can pretend to design a blog site in minutes with a database in 62 lines of code. Of course, the blog in question will be very full. This will therefore step up its practicality of use.