Ruby on Rails was founded in 2003 by the famous Danish developer David Hansson Heinemeir with Basecamp, the first project with Ruby before tens of thousands of applications are appearing some years later with over 3800 official contributors. Many ideas come from Ruby on Rails have been included in the PHP frameworks.

Ruby on Rails offers some default behavior for most features. This is a Convention over Configuration. Ruby is also based on an architecture that is MVC Model-View-Controller. This language then promotes the storage of all the elements of an application in a single place.

Choose Ruby on Rails for its e-commerce project

The majority of ruby ​​on rails developers do not tell you enough. Ruby is the ideal language for the realization of their web project. If you feel that the first features of your site can quickly see the day in record time, you do not have a choice. Indeed, RoR provides fast development with high scalability. The language makes it easier to implement new features in your project that will evolve continuously. The default behaviors also will allow you to focus on the real added value of your project. The architecture of the framework helps achieve a clean and easily readable code from other developers. Note that Ruby on Rails is very efficient with CSS and JavaScript minified and compressed files. Which is favorable for the speed of its site and actually enjoy users a more fluid navigation.

What makes Ruby on Rails strength is its multiple use. Whatever your type of project or your business specifics, the programming language can perfectly adapt to custom development.

Ruby on Rails is a language that is both object-oriented and multi-paradigm. It is then completely full. Indeed, Rails monopolizes all Ruby qualiés to adapt to web development. Coupled with a multitude of tools, gems and plug-in, Rails is ideal for many developing its website.