And why not ? Inspire you of an experiment tempted in 2014, in the United States via an association which fights for the reintegration of former prisoners. The results of this experiment are very promising. The training targeted hand-picked prisoners.

The American association on the initiative of this approach

The Last Mile, came straight from the Silicon Valley ! Left the idea to bridge the gap between the prison and the freedom, the members of it suggested at first giving trainings of coding to the prisoners of the oldest prison of California, San Quentin.
This association gave for mission to transmit the entrepreunarial spirit of the world of the new technologies to the prisoners.
- Its purpose : to fight against recidivism. Inmates who began work being incarcerated reoffend 27 to 39% less often than other prisoners, provides the prison administration.
- Its objective : to make the detainees web developers, ready to code when they leave prison.

The training takes place over six months, by chat via Google hangouts. Four days a week and eight hours a day, the apprentices coders learn the HTML languages, CSS and Javascript. Three voluntary teachers of a training camp based in San Francisco " Hack Reactor " take care of them via Google Hangouts. In fact internet being forbidden in the American prisons, the pupils have no Web access and can go on their computer only during the courses.
Even if they build sites, the prisoners are not connected and the material of the course is precharged on their computers. The remote teachers intervene on the PC of an administrator by means of a big screen.

So are you ready to teach prisoners to code, after reading this article? Not as interesting experiment ?
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