There are currently many tools that serve in the creation of e-commerce site. Prestashop and Thelia are among the most common and most used by developers. In the case of Thelia for example, since its creation in 2006, it counts in the 7000 to 10000 sites of online sale created.

User of Thelia to create an online shop

Since its creation, this solution already arrives at its second version which offers more functionalities in the design of online shop. It uses, among other things, the components of the Symfony 2 Framework. In addition, it integrates unit tests and an internationalization of the source code to facilitate the interoperability of the elements of the site. And as foreseen, the software allows to set up more advanced functions like the multirubriquage, the automatic installer of modules, and the engine of statistics and advanced taxes. In addition, Thelia offers a more ergonomic and functional interface in this second version. It is famous for being adaptable and more flexible and this is what attracts most developers. This version offers a code of quality and an architecture that corresponds to the technology. The choice seems easy when there is only one solution but now, parallel to Thelia there is the solution Prestashop.

E-commerce and Prestashop

Prestashop has always been the preferred solution of some php development company for setting up online sales site. The benefits with this e-commerce solution are not negligible especially when it comes to performance. It is known to be easy to use and this ease pushes even more developers to use it to have more features in e-commerce shops. With Prestashop the interface promises to be more user-friendly with custom colors to the theme of the shop owner. And back-office management of the shop in full size is favored. The most important thing is that Prestashop gives the pages an incredible loading speed. The goal is not to leave Thelia for Prestashop or vice versa, both solutions are appreciable, each to make his choice.