When people begin to pay more attention to the web development, people often hear the word "framework" and quote it, but do not know what it is. And when we get in touch with people, we often have the answer that it is just an important component in development.

What is a Framework?

We know all the different languages ​​designed to improve the development of an application or a website. However, we cannot miss specific specialized tools for this practice at the moment, which we call Framework. Indeed, a Framework is nothing other than a virtual tool, acting to facilitate the design of a website, regardless of its specificity and desired features. Note that each language has its own Framework, making it possible for all to easily find one that fits their project, provided correctly to choose among the various proposals available to all on the market today.

Become familiar with a Framework

The use of a Framework is absolutely essential to the smooth running of php programming since its appearance on the market. Quite confused with a CMS, the Framework is a great help to everyone, since it already contains a pre-edited code, that we can just copy and paste at will. Which, like the CMS, avoids all having to code everything from A to Z, before being able to benefit from a website, especially since it avoids all, various errors. However, you should know that a CMS is not a Framework, but rather a ready-made site. And to choose your Framework, you have to start by choosing the language used for its development, then select a Framework from the choices offered. This also depends on the habit of each, and the Framework, on which everyone feels most at ease.

Developing a website has become a breeze since the appearance of the Framework, which has been further improved with the arrival of CMS.