A good site is a canvas that had a good development and good preparation. It was therefore done by good language with the best framework or other applications to enhance its position on the canvas. And if you made it yourself?

The language to be used

To have your site up as quickly and efficiently as possible, it must know which programming language to use. The most common is the php. PHP or hypertext preprocessor is a practical open source using scripts to the content of your site or in documents. There are various other languages, so php is not a standard in programming. To write your page with php, it would then you combine scripts and HTML tags. It is therefore important to uphold the servers in your platform user requests. If a user does a search on an engine and requests a page or the server must be able to bring out your page in the HTML version (with /page.htm extension) or in other cases the request can be special and requires page.php specifically, the server must get a result and performing tasks on your site.

Development and SEO

Generally it is necessary to use a professional developer for develop php but here you will learn some tricks to make your website as effective as possible. To do this you must also resort to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation that will give your more visibility platform. It is important to know that the development and SEO are closely related. So you have to handle your content well and incorporate methods as relevant keywords to your pages can respond with response to research. In the best case, the SEO is enough to make your website competitive. And to have this type of SEO to invest in a good development and in programming. You will learn a lot but mainly about the design of your site mentioned previously.