Ruby on Rails has qualities that other frameworks do not have and its strength lies in its flexibility , dynamism , productivity and complete tools .
Ruby on Rails is an open source framework using the Ruby language for developing web applications. Associated with Agile methodology , allows the rapid development of web application. The major advantage of Ruby on Rails is its high productivity. Ruby on Rails fully meets the complex issues , special requests and greatly reduces the development time of web applications while maintaining a very high quality. Ruby on rails along the Agile project management methods, is the assurance of having an innovative website, scalable and efficient .

Ruby on Rails is the Ruby language monopolizes the qualities to fit the web development. Ruby is an object oriented programming language and multi-paradigm . Object-oriented programming improves quality, productivity, design, maintenance and evolution. 

RoR coupled with the multitude of tools, gems and plug-in associated with the strong Rails community, is the ideal tool for web application development.

Ruby on Rails, a complete framework

More than any other framework, Ruby on Rails is associated with a philosophy: pragmatism shown by "convention over configuration". Making it an interactive tool and a certain simplicity. The conventions used to avoid thinking about the configuration before proceeding with development. The configuration will be done as and when the need of development. Programming agreement does not simply eliminates the need for immediate configuration but it also reduces the lines of code. The code is structured and has a powerful infrastructure. It's a stark contrast to other frameworks and that is what makes it one of the languages ​​most "beautiful" and legible. A need that you can see, is quickly feel for complex applications such as a business application or to resumption of code during the development of the application. It is for these reasons that we are a ruby on rails development company.