Today, we see the rise of online shopping. I must say that since us consumers we do not always have time to move us, this is a system that suits us much because we have the opportunity to do our shopping online. For you who have a shop and you want to engage in online commerce we provide some tips for you.

For the eCommerce, the better way to start is by using Magento Community.

The CMS Magento is a very powerful tool for those who want to have their own eCommerce website or application. The magento development company saw that the e-commerce grew increasingly. To then allow everyone to equip his shop, his business or his business with eCommerce site easily, they developed this CMS named Magento. It comes in two main versions which are the Magento Community and Enterprise Magento. You will wonder, then, that it is the version that suits you best. First, you should know that there is a free version that is the Magento Community and a paid version which is of course the Magento Enterprise. Like any free CMS, Magento Community does not have all the options that can be found in the paid version. Also, if you are new to e Commerce, it is useless to ruin you from the start taking the paid version, even if the latter has the advantage of not costly and especially you only pay once a year. We urge you to use this CMS, it will make your life much and of course the development of your online business. When your business is already well developed, at this moment, then you can consider to upgrade to the Enterprise version which will bring you more features. As usual, we do not leave you alone. If you face some issues, let us know and we will help you.