AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, ie JavaScript And XML Asynchronous.

AJAX is neither a technology nor a programming language. AJAX is a Web programming concept of several technologies such as JavaScript and XML - hence the name AJAX. The very idea of ​​AJAX is to provide a web page with a web server without causing reloading the page. That's why JavaScript is used because it is him who will be responsible for establishing the connection between the Web page and serveur.

Ajax creates an interface running on a browser with JavaScript, became extremely fast on the latest versions of browsers.
The main feature of AJAX is asynchronous: the function that sends a request to the server is not the same one who will receive the answer. Before approaching the practice of AJAX, it is good to encircle well this notion of asynchronisme which is very important.

The script runs and encounters an AJAX request, which is sent asynchronously. In this case, the request is sent, but the script does not expect that the application has been successful, it continues come what may. The advantage is that if the application takes a few seconds to be processed by the server, the script is not slowed.


PHP and Ajax are combined with php web development to make Web applications as complete as local applications.

PHP runs on the server and when to him consults a database and updates it with data entered via the interface and performs the treatments required by the user requiring data stored on the server.

How operates the interaction between the interface in Ajax and PHP scripts on the server?

Ajax provides PHP scripting language, operating preferentially on a server, which lacks a graphical interface allowing the user to interact with an online application seamlessly and immediately responsive.

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