Seattle is most big city of the State of Washington and the Northwest of the United States. It is located between Puget Sound and lake Washington, in approximately 155 km in the South of the border between Canada and the United States.

In Seattle, there is a very dynamic community railers: these are groups for fans of Ruby, Rails, and usually techno and Web business.

Seattle.rb was the first group of users of Ruby and then Ruby on Rails in the world. It meets regularly for over a decade, every Tuesday evening.
Its objective is to contribute to open source, to work on personal projects, and to teach and learn from each other. All levels are welcome!

Meetings at Starbucks or in a pizzeria to exchange, share, learn , network and relax

Exchanges around techno (rails, web, gems, frameworks ...), best practices (Agile methods, testing, management ...) and the business side (employment, product ...). For educational meetups and netoworking Seattle, there are often companies in the region using Ruby on Rails and who talk about how they use Ruby, Rails in their respective technologies.

Ruby aperitifs are a key driver of the dynamism of the community. New faces arrive with a host of issues, it is important that they find railers to talk as well as for beginner presentations. This is an opportunity for railers, share and get to know. For all railers, it's really exciting to physically meet regularly.

They have a lot of work to provide education to explain what are the advantages of technology, what they can do with ...

Some developers of our ruby on rails development company so like Ruby , Rails , they make the trip to Seattle.