Our ror developers are trained in SEO business for at least disseminate good practices and quietly monitor developments and the impact this has on their work.
Going SEO is to get closer to people who often have a well-developed geek side, love to discover, test and evaluate web services and test new techniques to achieve their goals. Without being totally web marketing, SEO is the border between the technical and marketing because it takes two to be able to do this job.

A good developers will Understand SEO

A good developer will have the ability to understand SEO and can program in the light of a visible target. That is to say, he will have the following reflexes:
- Standardize the canonical URL rules.
- Make accessible website for the engine as for the user.
- Create sites whose pages load quickly.
- Create own URL rules, short and crawlables.
- Create vertical and horizontal architecture.
- Apply security rules.
- Apply rules of 301s.
- Make sure to avoid duplication of content.
- Present the content to make them quickly parcourables (for the engine and for the user).

A developer who understands SEO will allow SEO to save much time. While developers are trained in SEO and systematically apply 80% of good practice with respect to engines, the corrections will be reduced.
It is important to understand that SEO usually generates a long list of things to change, and very often after the launch because there are always recommendations have not been followed.

Still, sometimes a small change to the display may require several days of development. The better to do, so that the developer understands why he will have to work 3 big days on his code is to explain what the consequences are: 1) to leave the code as well and 2) to amend the part.